Click on Name – In Chronological Order by Date of Depiction

1745 Susan Hurlbutt Celtic Traveler


1765 Carol Dean Tory Tea Time


1770 Mary K. Goddard Publisher/Postmistress Work Ensemble (multiple Gal depictions)


1772 Mary K. Goddard Formal Ensemble (multiple Gal depictions)


1774 Sam Brito Wedding Waistcoat


1775 Ashley Sroka Undergarments


1776 Yvonne Anderson Patriot


1776 Powder Springs School Colonists


1776 Suzi Sellers Colonial Mantua-Maker


1785 Susan Hurlbutt Colonial Healer


1790 Shelly King Hannah Boone Ancestor


1805 Jacinta Schneider Wealthy Merchant’s Daughter


1808 Holley Kirkland French American Aristocrat


1813 Dr. Yvonne Anderson Bridgerton Ballgown


1836 Rachel Bozell for Emma C Lowell Mill Girl


1849 Jessica Wooten, Lander Trail Trader


1856 Sary Svaty Lumber Camp Cook


1859 Rachel Bozell Laramie Ranch Wife


1860 Orphan Girl Party Dress


1862 Dr. Anderson Elizabeth Keckley Day Dress


1865 Diane Svaty Bozeman Trail Pioneer


1866 Bailey Phillips Pioneer Girl (adapting Fiona Buker’s ensemble)


1868 Kristi Harder Mail Order Bride/Settler


1868 Grace Kirkland Settler (adapting Kristi’s ensemble)


1874 Rachel Bozell Land & Cattle Investor


1875 Hannah Saville Gilded Age Elite


1876 Esther McNany Gilded Age Undergarments


1879 Chris Davis Cody Mayor’s Wife


1883 Suzi Sellers Preacher’s Wife


1881 Rebecca Armstrong Bridal Ensemble


1882 Andrew DiPiazza Wyatt Earp Vest


1885 Melissa Ulrick German Farm Wife


1885 Custom Prairie Bonnet

post Sale of Melissa’s Ensemble (above)


1887 Mary Colling Wyoming Homesteader


1887 Melissa Morton Seaside Style


1890 Susan Hurlbutt Corset and Camisoles


1890’s Outlaw Ride Astride


1890’s Cathy Ringler Theatrical Storytelling Bonnet


1895 Kateri Schneider Traveling New York Reporter


1898 Dr. Yvonne Anderson Ida B. Wells


1898 Chris Davis Livery Owner


1899 Kateri Schneider Bank Robber


1902 Bailey Phillips Government Secretary


1902 “S Monobosum” Corset for RR


1903 Jenny Schneider Mourning Maid


1905 Tiss Svaty High Fashion Artist


1910 Carol Dean as Caroline Lockhart Entrepreneur


1910 Jennifer Drake, Nurse


1911 Ellie Karhu WWI Nurse


1912 Shelly King Titanic Traveler


1925 Wyoming Rural School Experience

Hot Springs County Museum & Cultural Center, Thermopolis, WY



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