1902 Corset, RR

1902 is RR’s desired year, and in a small town in the Northeastern US, it looks like everyone dressed up and came downtown at the same time

RR is wanting to build and put components together on her own for different projects.  We support RR and history buffs in giving them the undergarments they need to build upon, and are ready if she needs more!

This will be a custom built Early Edwardian “S Monobosum” corset that was worn in her own eastern town in that very year of 1902.  It will be a basic one like a working woman would have gotten out of a catalog (to keep costs down, and because that’s true to history in that location at that time).

See the extensive research on this fashion era in the Edwardian Classic, Edwardian “La Belle Epoque”, Edwardian Working Girl general history pages and with project specific 1902 Working Girl’s Page and 1909 High Fashion Pages here.


And… a special gift for RR!  An AUTHENTIC wedding petticoat from 1895!