What We Do

We would have been called “Dressmakers” or “Tailors” in days past because we research, design, & build custom “costumes” specifically to fit women.

Using the very finest reproduction materials & methods available (no whales these days..), we give the wearer the authentic FEELING of years 1740 to 1914 in America.

Silhouettes will no longer be taking orders for custom projects effective January 1, 2021 due to the continued closures of historic sites & events which have reduced our customer numbers, and the political situation which makes it unfeasible to run a small business.  We will take orders from existing customers until January 1, 2022, when the business will be closed permanently in favor of doing community service and teaching history with The Buffalo Gals locally.

Thank you to all our loyal customers of 5 years!!!


“Re-creating the Changing Shapes of Women Through History”

Click here to go to the Historical Fashion Eras Introduction page….

Click here to go to the “Projects” page which show examples of our customer work by year date of depiction

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