Mary K Goddard, 1770 Printer/Postmaster Design Development

This sketch we found by someone else pretty much sums up what we already decided upon.  We’ll add a few examples for interest, but this is basically “it”.  The only challenge is to find the right fabrics and notons.  For reasons and justifications, see the Colonial specialty sections on the website.



The Ensemble

As previously mentioned, this ensemble will be worn by 3 or 4 different women.  Thankfully, within reason, Colonial garments can be adjustable to do that.  The Buffalo Gals selected are our tiny ones.  The photos of Mary look like she was not very big, and she has a thin face and a thin nose.  Several of our Gals look very similar.

Garments selected:

  • over the knee stockings
  • period correct shoes in correct color
  • garters optional
  • linen shift
  • inner petticoat
  • outer petticoat
  • shortgown
  • fichu
  • pinner apron
  • lappet or long earred mobcap (or similar)
  • dark linen stays
  • (no cloak)
  • ADDITIONAL simple robe a l’anglaise out of period correct cotton chintz to be worn with same undergarments but for dress up
  • Hair will be natural but put up in back
  • no bonnet
  • rump pad or bum roll (small and not stiff)

Using up Extras

This was also a “no brainer”, as we had been given quilt ivory fabric for a petticoat.  We already have linen in stock for cap and chemise (ivory), and we made navy blue stays with white trim and stomacher.

The shortgown we had to shop for a rough wool which is suprisingly hard to find.  A rough linen or wool for the outer petticoat was also hard to find.  The color scheme started because of pieces we had in stock already – russet, brown, orange, ivory would make sense in a print shop.

We just started with a favorite wool for the bodice, and continued to match.  This is what we ended up with, and it was tricky online to get browns to coordinate:


We did actually quite a bit of research into working women, but being anxious to get to building this one, we will just post a few favorites here.  What you can take from them consistently is:

  • Shorter skirt
  • thick fabrics and natural fabrics
  • heavy shoes
  • cap
  • textured fabrics
  • rump or bum pad
  • hair worn up
  • heavy stockings
  • pinner apron, often with interest and texture too
  • fichu, heavier than usual
  • same undergarments as all ensembles
  • natural fabrics
  • few embellishments; no notions really














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