Stampede Parade

Independence Day (4th of July), 2018

Cody Wyoming

30,000 in attendance over 2 days of parades

Required to do both days and full routes to be eligible for award – Took 3rd Overall in THEME – Yay!!!

Lining Up

(Drivers Tony Guy and Marshall Sellers with the Ranch Boys pulling the little wagons)

Signs by the Svaty family! Sary, Tiss, Diane (mom), and Mitch. Diane and Mitch were also our photographers who ran the route both days

Tony Guy
The Pioneers
Jacinta and Tiss get to ride because of their trains
Newcomer to Wyoming Rachel’s debut event

2 Days of Parade

Photos mixed up

Our own “Abbey Road”

At the end of the route, we tried to get the Arapahoe to pose with us, but they left us in their dust


Visiting the Carnival and thousands of people from around the world

Carol and her granddaughters joined in with us – Caitlin in costume!

Reward for hand washing ironing 70 complex garments