Suzi Sellers, Proprietess, is the driving force behind the business.  In charge of research, design, & construction, she works with a number of independent subcontractors to provide an entire ensemble including undergarments, main dress, outer wear, and accessories.

Shelly Jackson, Milliner, provides historically accurate and superbly constructed headwear including period correct bonnets for years 1840-1890 in particular.  Shelly is new on board 2021.


Mary LaVenture, Corsetierre & Undergarment expert, acts in an advisory capacity in the design and construction of the many complex corset and crinoline and bustle eras.  Mary is Suzi’s mentor, and assures that everything is made using the finest techniques and materials possible.  Mary is also a world-renowned milliner, and assists with complex designs and construction.


We also work with local artisans per project who knit, crochet, and do feather, leather, and fur work as subcontractors.


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