Eras We Build

Here is the Historical Research on which we base your customized costume design. Start with the introduction, then click on your timeframe!


1740-1760 (end of 2nd Georgian/Colonial) – “Age of Enlightenment”: old orders change to new








1761-1778 (Early & Mid 3rd Georgian/Colonial) – “Years of Abundance”: European aristocracy & American wealth lead fashion








1779-1793 (Late 3rd Georgian/Late Colonial) – ” The Independent Spirit”: world in conflict, with a self-sufficient America








1794-1807 (Early Regency “Society” era) – “The Steel Age”: technological advancements worldwide, with American growth & heroes








1808-1814 (Mid Regency) – “The Empire Age”: French & worldwide influence on fashion, with fondness for the ancient past








1815-1823 (Late “Regency Belles”/Rococco) – “Renaissance of the Renaissance”: liberation for women with the fast pace of industry creating desire for “the simple life”







1824-1836 (Romantic) – “Age of Romance” in a world of peace & prosperity: return to a chivalrous & innocent time contrived by strong corsets & legal reforms







1837-1851 (Early Victorian) – “Age of Expansion”: of ideas, inventions, & dresses








1852-1867 (Mid Victorian) – “Pre-Raphaelites & Crinolines”: ready-made rules from mourning to evening








1868-1880 (Mid-Victorian) – “New World for Women”: Wild West discovered among monarchies, & bustles








1881-1887 (Late Victorian) – “Cult of Beauty”: bustles, & books on their heads








1888-1898 (Early Edwardian) – “Naughty Nineties”: strong women in a fast-paced world of work & play








1899-1914 (Edwardian Classic) – “A Peaceful Golden Age”: of huge ships (that hit icebergs), “Grand Dames” presiding over High Teas, & Gibson Girls with their perfect figures (who didn’t exist) inside a frenzied & fast-paced world







1899-1914 (La Belle Epoque) – “The Lost Golden Age”: an isolated pocket within the Edwardian Era; defined a MOOD in France that was the epitomy of beautiful dress & luxury for those who could afford it







1899-1914 (Art Nouveau) – “Fin de Siecle”: (only theoretically “end of the century”) another sub-category of the Edwardian era; embraced the place “where technology meets nostalgia”







1899-1914 (Work & Sport) – “The New Woman at Last”: yet another sub-category of the Edwardian era, was when the “normal” woman went to work & escaped the house at last







1840-1914 (The American West) – “Pioneer Spirit”: starting with photographic records, women who settled & worked the American frontiers influenced others worldwide







1840-1914 (American Notables) – “The American Spirit”: apart from European & world influences, unique American women were a force unto themselves who played a different part in the history of fashion due to their independent attitudes, professions, & styles






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