Homesteader Museum “Tea & Tables” Event

The Commons

Powell, Wyoming

May 11, 2019

Really BIG Runway Show

“Who Wore What Where”

About Pioneering Women and their Fashion



This is a show about Pioneers.  Since the first colonists, Americans have had “itchy feet”. The continued search for a better life has had women & men from all over the world write US history with their footprints.


What women wore on their life journeys was a matter of status, location, information, access, cost, and function.  Technology, communication, innovation, and world events directly affected choices and decisions.


When you learn about the women presented here, see if you can make the connections between them and your own history as it was they that walked ahead of us to the West.


Dedicated to our mothers, a few of whom were in the show!


How we Roll
Cupcakes and Pincushions for the guest
Suzi starts the show
Carol 1765 Tory Patriot
Shelly 1790 Daniel Boone’s little sister (her real 4x great grandmother!)
Fiona 1805 Wealthy Merchant’s Daughter
Marie 1808 St. Louis Socialite
Sary 1856 Lumber Camp Cook
Diane 1865 Pioneer on the Bozeman Trail “to we don’t know where”
Christina 1868 Mail Order Bride on the Oregon Trail
Rachel 1874 Cattle Investor from New Mexico
Chris 1879 Augusta Camp Houx, wife of first mayor of Cody, WY
Suzi 1883 Preacher’s Wife from down south to Sundance, WY
Ana 1885 German Farm Wife in Illinois
Mary 1887 Chugwater, WY Homesteader School Teacher
Kateri 1895 New York Traveling Reporter
Bailey 1902 Government Secretary in Cheyenne, WY
Doty 1902 Mourning Maid, Lost Cabin, WY
Tiss, 1905 High Fashion American Artist studied in Paris
Carol as Caroline Lockhart 1910 Cody businesswoman and rancher
Ellie 1911 Montana nurse to France for WWI
Our Feature Model
Shelly 1912 Titanic Traveler
Shelly shows the 1912 underdress
The Satin Silk Kimono Cocoon Coat with real ‘possum collar!
Tiss poses with china after the show
Marshall our stage crew and tech and loader and driver rests after the show

Photos courtesy of Mitch Svaty!!!