About Us

Mighty lucky to be here!

Located in Wyoming, Silhouettes was built by a seamstress with over 57 years of experience in tailoring, flat pattern, & draped design building garments & costumes for anthropological, interpretive & performance pursuits.  In its 5th year, the focus has changed due to the continued closure of historical sites & events, & a political situation that makes it untenable & unfeasible to run a small business.

Effective January 1, 2021, Silhouettes will take orders only from existing customers (including those who have made inquiries or who have outstanding quotes already on file), & will be focusing on liquidation of inventory.  We will be putting efforts instead into the development of small programs for “The Buffalo Gals” as community service in the northern Wyoming region, as the “for profit” business will close permanently January 1, 2022.

Sales online!

Through the liquidation process, we will be building many projects that have already been staged which we were unable to build due to the huge amount of customer orders prior to the closures.  Look for many items including everything from fabric yardage to completed corsets on sale at material’s costs on our commerce pages here! (temporarily have disappeared due to a plug-in crisis and looking for a new commerce host.  All items are in our Etsy shop: SilhouettesCostumes).

Customer Projects & Research

Please enjoy the research for the projects we have built.  These are in chronological order.  The entire website is a culmination of research by Suzi Sellers, and while there are some specific citations and links to sources, since this is 50 years of knowledge, it is in itself a footnoted resource.  There are many ensembles that have been built that have yet to be posted.  Watch for updates.

Daily Blog

The daily blog on whatever we feel like writing about will continue.  At the completion of a concept, these will also be documented in the historical research sections.  This cross-references with the Silhouettes Costumes Facebook page (for now; Silhouettes will also be leaving Facebook in 2022).

Buffalo Gals Shows & Interpretive Events!

“The Gals” have been performing in Historic Fashion Shows throughout the region for 5 years now, and completely new ensembles and shows are in development for the end of 2o21 year (in hopes venues will be open again; to date they remain closed) with a plan to focus on real women for small venues of organizations and schools.  This will be the focus of Silhouettes rather than building ensembles for customers.

The Gals introductory page is the place to start to see the Gals, their research, and their ensembles if you want to hire for your event or location.  There are galleries of past Gal events too.

Answering your Historical Fashion Questions!

We have helped many people from around the world with historical fashion questions such as “tell me about my ancestor from this portrait”, “what is the date of this outfit?”, and “did they have string ties or not on that shift?”.  We are very glad to answer these, but please do let us know that you received the response as soon as you can!

Contact Suzi via any form on any page or write:  info@silhouettescostumes.com



Only miles from Yellowstone
Peaceful lounge area where The Gals hold practices
Overlooking Heart Mountain
Even the restroom & private changing facilities have lovely views
Project boards show details in development
The Shoppe is just across the river from Heart Mountain
In the shadow of the Beartooth Mountains, 40 miles from Yellowstone
Deer come right to the door
Cody Nite Rode only 30 miles away
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