1895 New York Reporter, Kateri Schneider

Kateri Schneider

(Era 1888-1898)

“The authentic costume helped me get into character. I was playing a gaudy ‘new money’ reporter, and that’s exactly what Suzi made for me. The costume was very durable, comfortable under the hot lights, and moveable as I had to do a lot of preening and strutting to do it!”

The original costume was designed for Hanna Yaeger. Performing as reporter “Penny Dreadful” in an original play about the Wild West, Hanna stole the show in her 1895 traveling suit. Structured with boning and lace, this was made for theatrical performance, which means it was not entirely historically correct, but designed for visual effect under stage lighting.

Hanna used the sweep of her skirt and the wired collar and jacket tabs to give the illusion of feminity mixed with the newfound independence of the late 19th century.

Penny was described by the author as a strong-willed, independent woman of the time. She was from New York, and had been sent by her newspaper editor to cover a story in a tiny, dusty town in some undisclosed location in the wild west.

By that time the west was somewhat settled along railroad lines, but inland was full of conflict between native americans, cattlemen, settlers, & outlaws (see our “Western Women” section). The author’s idea was to place a character who was the height of fashion, highly educated, & ahead of her time into a setting with other characters who were not aware of and did not care about fashion, morals, or ethics of the time. The comedy of this western “whodunit” came from this contrast between characters.

The comedy in this “whodunit” orginal play came from the extreme differences in personality, costume, & attitude of the characters

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Two Piece “Suit” (Actually Bodice and Skirt)

Bodice with revers and skirt (not a suit yet!)
Peplum and train. This is of synthentic fabric

Authentic Accessories

Cameo Pin

Wired collar and lapels. Sleeves stuffed.
AUTHENTIC mother of pearl and abalone shell cameo pin from exactly 1895
Fitted sleeves with hooked cuff
Cameo abalone and mother of pearl. These trim beads are plastic, but they would have had synthetic ones in 1895, or glass in high end ensembles

Authentic Gloves

AUTHENTIC opera length gloves from 1895 are of kid (goat) skin/leather

Authentic Cameo Pin

Authentic Gloves Authentic 1895 Petticoat

AUTHENTIC petticoat with hand sewn gores came from a museum because it had water damage.

Clocked silk stockings were favorites in both 18th and 19th centuries.

Authentic Petticoat Authentic French Drawers

Authentic Walking & Traveling Boots

Silk clocked over the knee stockings

Theatrical Corset

Kat has a cotton brocade corset. It is typical of the 1895 era in that it is waist cinching, somewhat long in profile, and partially boned. It is theatrical because it does not shape or modify the body; it actually makes her bigger. The decorative plastic tassels would have been possible in 1895, made of bakelite or other predecessors to plastic.

We switched her authentic boots to 1880’s authentic boots because of fit. Every Edwardian boot seems to be the equivalent of a size 4 today and very, very narrow.

New Undergarments just for Kat!

Gorgeous ivory tissue 100% silk and silk ribbon with silk lace (on poly netting). Kat’s undergarments will be used for her new depiction of 1883 also!
Corset cover ruffles in progress

Corset Cover Undervest

Of smoothe cotton, the undervest will be used for Kat’s 1883 and 1895 depictions. In 1883 they serve as a protection against rubbing for her riding soft corset, and in 1895 to protect her fancy tight and boned corset from rubbing her, and from damaging her outer garments. Both eras used these as sweat barriers so the corsets and outer garments did not need to be washed. Because this is a very revealing garment, no one will see it on her body, although you can see it peeking out over the corset in the corset images as it is designed to go above the corset 2″. It is cut on the bias so it is form fitting and ties with a simple string under one arm.




Scenes from the play featuring Hanna as “Penny Dreadful”, cast poses, and mingling with the “modern folk” afterwards.

Many thanks to Hanna for donating her ensemble back to us for use in marketing. We are honored excited to be working on Hanna’s authentic 1920’s “Great Gatsby” theme wedding gown coming in 2018!

Hanna – original performer


“Why are you dressed so strangely?”

New Life with Kat!

Dress Rehearsal – quick modification of collar and revers

Kateri in March 2018 Fashion Show


Waiting to go on. Very warm in the halls of the Irma despite it snowing outside

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