Here are the Gals!

The “Buffalo Gals” have extensively researched and authentically designed & built  ensembles to meet the needs of clients needing historic interpreters.  Enjoy their journey in costume and character development, and the events that follow on their individual web pages:

Alex Hurst 1860 Orphan to “Mama’s Girl”

Click here to go to Alex’s web pages

Bailey Phillips 1866 Pioneer (Adapting Fiona’s Ensemble)

Click here to go to the Ensemble Page


1902 Government Secretary

Click here to go to Bailey’s pages


Carol Dean 1765 Tory Hostess

Click here to go to Carol’s pages


as Caroline Lockhart, Cody Entrepreneur 1910

Click here to go to Carol’s Caroline pages


Chris Davis, 1898 Livery Owner (research coming)


1879 Mayor’s Wife

Click here to go to Chris’ pages


Diane Svaty, 1865 Pioneer & Maid (research coming)

Diane’s pages to come!


Doty Flowers, 1909 World Renowned Artist

Click here to go to Doty’s pages


1903 Mourning Maid

Click here to go to Doty’s Maid pages


Eliana “Ellie” Karhu, 1910 Nurse

Click here to go to Ellie’s pages


Fiona Buker, 1866 Alabama Plantation Girl on the trail to Nebraska

Click here to go to Fiona’s pages


Grace Kirkland, 1868 Pioneer (Adapting Kristi’s ensemble)

Click here to go to the “Kristi” pages


Holley Kirkland, 1810 Merchant’s Wife

Holley’s pages to come; Refer to “Jacinta” 1805 pages for now


Jacinta Schneider, 1805 Wealthy Merchant’s Daughter

Click here to go to Jacinta’s 1805 pages


1884 Mayor’s Wife

Click here to go to Jacinta’s 1884 pages


Jenny Schneider as Jeannette Rankin, Congresswoman 1902-1916 (research coming)

Jenny’s Rankin Pages to Come!


1903 Mourning Maid

Click here to go to Jenny’s pages


Kateri Schneider, 1895 Traveling Reporter

Click here to go to Kateri’s 1895 Reporter pages


1899 Western Bank Robber (research coming)

Click here to go to Kateri’s 1899 Bank Robber pages


Kristi Harder, 1868-72 Pioneer & Settler

Click here to go to Kristi’s pages


Mary Colling. 1887 Wyoming Homestead Teacher

Click here to go to Mary’s pages


Melissa Urick, 1885 Dairy Farm Wife

Click here to go to Melissa’s pages


1874 Land Investor (research coming)

Click here to go to Rachel’s pages


Sary Svaty, 1856 Lumber Camp Cook (research coming)

Click here to go to Sary’s pages


Shelly King, 1790 Small Town Patriot

Click here to go to Shelly’s pages


1912 Titanic Socialite

Click here to go to Shelly’s Titanic pages


Suzi Sellers, 1883 Wyoming Preacher’s Wife

Click here to go to Suzi’s pages


Tiss Svaty, 1905 High Fashion Designer

Click here to go to Tiss’ pages


Development of a complete authentic, beautiful, historical period costume is done in many steps over a period of weeks or months:

  •  General Time Period research:  including environmental, political, economical, & social factors & their influence  to fashion in the world.
  •  Era Specific research:  those same factors in the character’s narrower world view.
  •  Character development:  study in the mental & physical state of the person to be portrayed including their views on the world, social status, availability to materials, & special stories, personality quirks, or insight into how they might think & behave that can help enhance the performance.
  • Design concept:  research on garments required, materials for that character based on historical samples.
  • Design development:  decisions on materials & methods that will be used, including dyes, colors, patterns, etc.
  • Materials acquistion/Final Design:  final sketches for customer approval, showing details & methods to be used, & based on real materials currently available (modification of original concept to suit modern methods & availability).
  • Construction:  starts with the garment closest to the body (usually the chemise), and builds to the outer garments & then accessories “from the underwear up”.
  • Completion:  adjustment & details including period markings, fancy work, or additions.

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