Hello World!

While taking a break from blogging, we’ve made quite a few ensembles and pieces.  Check out the many new web pages and research here: notably a new section on nursing, the history of stays, and a whole lot on Colonial  fashion. There are still many ensembles for which the research is not yet posted, but we’re busy sewing!

Find great deals on full ensembles or pieces on the “buy” pages here and on Etsy.com.

An interesting note.. we jumped from a 1776 bodice and skirt ensemble to an 1881 bodice and skirt ensemble, and discovered a long-suspected secret – Charles Worth of House of Worth in Paris (1855 – the 1920’s) copied 18th century fashion down to how it was constructed – and pawned it off as original!  Of course without the internet, books, colleges, and light speed communication, women didn’t know that.  They suspected with Worth’s “shepherdess look”, but couldn’t have known just how much the same was his design.

Look for the “La Belle Epoque” sections for designer descriptions, and blogs earlier this year about the 1870’s and 1880’s fashion development to see what we’re talking about.