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Corsets, but not Firearms included

Welcome to Silhouettes, where we build ATTITUDE into your costume! 

Our goal is to help you FEEL like your character.

Using historical methods & materials, we create your costume from the “mind up”.  This is an extremely personalized & customized process, which ends up with everyone on both sides learning a whole lot.

Here’s a step by step process how to start a project:

1. CHECK OUT WHICH ERAS WE BUILD (click on these words to go to the Fashion History intro page)

2.  Think about  your character(s) – time, place, status, tastes, etc. in general

3.  Contact Us! Fill out the contact form below,  email, or message through Facebook Silhouettes Costumes

4.  Staff will respond with more questions about your dreams, character, location, budget, and goals.

One should always be thinking before doing


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