Tired of Virtual? Need Real People?

While we respect most of the world is now seen in a little rectangle & only “From the Waist Up”, The Buffalo Gals intend to be “Authentic from the Bum Up” as soon as, & as long as, we can.  All Gals will have all new ensembles & characters by the end of 2021, & our focus will be on serving our local Wyoming community.

Featuring women of Wyoming and how they got here, 2021-22’s theme builds on last year’s “American Emigration.  Women Across America” theme to become “Working Women.  Not THAT Kind.”  Programs will explain & demonstrate the evolving roles of women and their occupations as it affected and was affected by – fashion.

One of our favorite short programs is about the evolution of undergarments and especially corsets, as Suzi specializes in historically accurate corsets for years 1745-1915.  Another favorite is about Colonial Lifestyles & Fashion, where we talk about the origins of our beautiful country, and our ancestors who started it.

If you have a special concept or focus you need, let Suzi know, and we’ll try to accommodate.  Programs are free, although we appreciate a donation to help pay for gas and transportation.

(featured photo:  Buffalo Gal Sary presents the character of an 1856 Lumber Camp Cook.  Meet Sary and many other unique individuals through these pages or live at a show!)


Dr. Yvonne Anderson depicts Ida B Wells in educational programs for elementary school kids, and integrates it with all of the other disciplines in providing an all encompassing experience for the kids.  While we no longer provide ensembles to paying customers, we are glad to share resources & information to help with your efforts in teaching history to the youth of today through fashion & lifestyle lessons