And… a “Regular Gal” is getting a new identity…

… as a bank robber.  1895 interpreter Kateri will be getting a makeover to become “Etta Place”, wife of notorious outlaw The Sundance Kid.

Because so little is known about Etta, Kat will be doing a lot of improv, and she won’t EXACTLY play Etta, but a woman like her who lived (and hid) in the Sundance, Wyoming area east of the Big Horn Mountains.. because… no one is really certain there was an Etta, or if she was really Ann Bassett, or her many other aliases… which is going to make a great story for our summer working alongside “The Wild Bunch” in the Cody, Wyoming street peformances.

(Featured: Kat the Bank Robber portrait)

(Below: left – the “Hole in the Wall Gang” Cabin in its original location and right – as it is now preserved at Old Trail Town Museum, Cody, Wyoming)