According to Historians, the 2 Victorian eras were…

.. “early” 1837-1860, and “mid to late” 1860-1898 (or 1901 when Queen Victoria died and her son Edward took over the throne).

We at Silhouettes like to break up “mid” and “late” into 1860-1880, 1881-1890, 1891- 1898, and then we believe the Edwardian Era started in 1898-1912.  We’ll tell you why, starting at 1880 and the 2nd (large, “horse rear end”) bustle era again.

We pick up where we left off, with the huge structural contraptions holding out copious amounts of fabric over the rear end, a long princess seamed bodice with skirt, front “apron/tunic/drape” decreasing in importance and size, and, the cuirasse bodice tightly fitted like armor.

We also introduce 3 characters leading fashion in Mid and Late Victorian eras in addition to Victoria: Princess Alexandra of Russia (towards the end), Empress/wife of the President, Eugenie of France (throughout), and Lillie Langtry of America/Britain (in the middle).

(Photos: Left Alexandra closer to 1900, Eugenie in early 1880’s, and Langtry 1882)