Now Working in Schools!

We have created special educational programs for elementary and middle school teachers to use to supplement their historical units.  Ready right now is a booklet which describes and illustrates the 1770’s Colonial Fashion Era and what that meant for children.

The booklet includes hands on projects to “dress like a Colonial” for kids including patterns, instructions, and completed examples, plus bonus original artwork paper dolls!  Every American History era will eventually be available for those Silhouettes builds for (1745-1914).

“The Buffalo Gals” are headed in the future into the schools to give live performances and educational “hands on” programs based on the same solid research and using these materials – and sewing methods – that the ensembles are made from!  Contact Suzi at the shop using any contact form here to ask how she can help with your upcoming units.

(Featured: “Hunky” and “Dory” Colonial paper dolls 2019)