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“Does my bum look big enough?”

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5.  If you are interested in pursuing the project, Silhouettes staff will do generalized research on your character, and will put together a brief idea of direction to go.

This may be a few paragraphs written about the historical era, choices, sketches, photos, or whatever it takes to get that particular era conveyed.

6.  To pursue further, you fill out a measurement chart, which gives an idea of size and complexity of the project.

Download this map or contact us to meet for a fitting
We can provide an individual item for you – say just a corset or crinoline – or each and every piece to dress exactly as a woman did in the era you depict.  We can also “just sew” your commercial pattern, if you have something special and don’t have time or the ability to do it yourself.

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First & Last Names
We need your full name to contact you if necessary
Your Email
Give your email where you can be reached. Persons with school & organizations should give a non-school/organization address since we can be spammed
Retype Email
In case of typos, please retype your one main email address
Your Phone Number
We need to have a 2nd way to contact you in case email doesn't go through. Include Phone or other way to contact you
Type of Performer You Are
Which type of performance will you be using your costume for; e.g. re-enactor, storyteller, actor, docent, etc.? This is 1 or 2 words. If not performer - write NONE. We'll ask for more detail next.
Info on Your Project and Character ?
Tell us about the year date of your character or project approximately, and anything that will help us understand what you are looking for such as fashion era, character name, event or activity it will be used for
Your City & State Location
Your city & state in the United States. We want to know if it's possible to travel for fittings or if things need to be done via mail. We sell only within the 50 United States
What is Your Current Gender
While we LOVE people of all genders, we build costumes only for women, but will consider on a project by project basis. Please indicate something
Tell us About Your Project ?
Give a few details about the project you are looking for; e.g. type of character, location, anything you want to share (you'll have to write something to proceed)
You are Not a Robot
You are Not a Robot
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